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At Insightin, we recognize that a Marketing Automation Platform needs to be as flexible as its end users’ needs are. Our team of Strategists and Solutionists understand the challenge and can design solutions to meet any marketing challenges. Our experienced team sets ONE goal- a insight driven result for your campaigns. Whether a solution is needed just for one campaign, or multiple campaigns across many channels- our team of professionals can architect a winning solution for all your marketing needs.

Healthcare~ “personalized dialog”

Developing a personalized dialog among prospective members, followed by bridging those findings as they become members and patients is a key component in engaging them. Our solutions allow Healthcare marketers to engage their prospects and members into data driven call-to-actions. The solution provides automation and faster fulfillment with real-time tracking. Our team of strategists bring in an extensive knowledge and experience. Our secured technology platform allows a seamless one-to-one engagement and immediate creative ROI results.

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Restaurant~ “path to loyalty”

Our flexible solution can cater to large restaurant chains or single-location restaurant owners. Our Marketing Platform allows restaurant owners to start any campaign easily and effectively for improved marketing results. The solution includes- store opening, interactive coupons and offers, email campaigns, digital displays, social buzz, and loyalty programs.

  • Smart Coupon- restaurant owners can integrate interactive coupon marketing for their customers with tracking.
  • Social Buzz- create consolidated content strategy for all social media and improve online reviews and local marketing visibility to more customers.
  • Digital Insight- one consolidated dashboard to provide all marketing activities from any device and anytime.
  • Royal Insight- an interactive loyalty program to improve customer retention.

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Franchise~ “unified brand automation”

Developing microsites and landing pages while keeping the brand compliance is a key challenge all franchises face in today’s complex marketing universe. Our technology allows our clients to host an unlimited amount of branded digital templates which then can be customized and personalized for each franchise owner’s campaigns. All campaign analytics and data gathering is centralized for aggregated analysis, as well as a franchisee level view. Our strategic partnership with 3rd party vendors allow our team to create solutions to provide support for all marketing needs to include print, promotional items, and interactive solutions.
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Custom Solutions~ “the limit is limitless”

Our experienced team of strategists are ready for any challenge and can design a solution for your specific marketing need. The power of our advanced analytics platform and marketing automation technology allows our team to design any solutions that can bring positive results for any marketing campaigns.
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