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The Importance of Fresh Content

We’re excited to announce the launch of our brand-new podcast series, The Digital Grind. Here we will discuss everything from content marketing, to social media, to podcasting.

So, why is it important to continually develop fresh content for your company’s website?
That’s a great question and in our kick-off episode, we are diving into this essential component to any successful marketing campaign.

The creation and distribution of new content is vital for a number of reasons:

· Content marketing sustains relevancy for your brand
· Utilizing content for SEO works to improve your Google rankings
· Publishing educational and informational website materials enhances your sales cycle
· Inbound leads and blog posts educate your future prospects
· In addition to blogs, incorporate white papers, quizzes, and checklists to offer your site prospects valuable information about your product offering
· Use social media to reinforce your online presence
· Start podcasting to spread the word about your brand

In explaining how important the creation of new content is for any business, Chief Strategist Samad Saifudin notes, “It is extremely imperative to have fresh content on your site. The main goal with site content is search engine optimization. SEO is so important for businesses to take care of,” says Saifudin. “When it comes to search engines like Google, if you are lacking fresh content on your site, you’re not going to be found by such search engines.”

To deliver effective and optimizable material to your future consumers, it is essential to continually generate new, interesting, and search-engine friendly content.

Learn more about Insightin Digital’s content marketing and SEO strategies by listening to our podcast episode titled The Importance of Fresh Content.

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